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diagnostic sonographer

Not sure where you got that idea from,Maybe the 3D utrasound clinics were anyone off the street can be hired and show moms babies all day but ACTUAL diagnostic medical sonographers would disagree that the job is the least stressful job. let me break is down for you...I graduated from 3 year program, of the 35 people who were accepted (all of which came with either medical backgrounds or previous post secondary education) my class graduated with 11 students, most of my class failed. The program its-self was far more stressful then Hair styling at a 1 year cosmotlogy class.  Then theres the working sonographer, who must be able to scan and interpret abdomen, vascular, breast, scrotal, thyroid, obstetric and pelvic exams. Meaning to have knowledge of all anatomy in those regions and be able to recognize any abnormalities, in the sense that if you miss an abnormal finding, such as cancer, the patient goes undiagnosed.Then youre dealing with the OB cases, which sometimes are good, scan a baby, show the happy parents...or they can be bad, scan an abnormal or dead fetus and put a poker face on so the mother doesnt suspect there is an issue until you can show the doctor, then be in the room while a family is completly heartbroken. Then theres constant procedures, draning liters of fluid from bodies, biopsy procedures. Ah yes and many hospitals are short staffed so dont expect breaks and even half of your alotted lunch time, then the 8 hour days you are scanning 15 patients, and emerge add ons, dealing with emerge is never stress free. Many sonographers have repetitive strain injuries (seriously google it) the statistics on that alone will prove how completly flawed your "study" is. Also one would expect yoga instructor to be number one?


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