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Least Stressful Career!

i am a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer, and and a veteran. I can tell you that there are many times when my job is equally or more stressful than my military career was. I was under so much pressure at one of the hospitals I worked at that I almost had a nervous breakdown. Day in and day out we are responsible for searching for and finding ou what is causing our patient'S pain, often finding something very wrong incidentally. We then have to keep our mouths shut and tell the patient they will have results in a couple of days, because we can't "diagnose" since we aren't doctors. Even though we are going to worry about that patient until we can't look in their chart and make sure th radiologist read what we documentled. We get yelled at, hit on, farted on, smell the worst of the worst things, and all the while keeping our professional composur while the rest of the world thinks it must be great to look at babies all day! Nope! This is the hardest and most rewarding job I have ever had and is not for the weak of spirit or the faint of heart!!!


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