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Least stressful job

I am a registered diagnostic cardiac and vascular Sonographer. I went to school for three years and had to take three different registry exams. Physics, cardiac, and vascular. Thank you for making my career seem simple, stress free, and insignificant. I can't tell you the levels of stress I experience when they ask me to scan a patient receiving chest compressions and a room full of doctors and nurses are looking at me for an answer. Or when I am called to the operating room to locate an artery so the doctors can give a life saving treatment. I could go on and on. Bottom line is that I am the eyes for the doctor, if I am not focused and competent I could miss something and the patient could die. Let's not even get into the work related musculoskeletal injuries that more than 80% of us suffer with. I don't understand how you figured this. Where did you do your research?. Give me a damn break. Your list is complete rubbish. 


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