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I am a maternal fetal medicine  sonographer and I feel you have some misinformation. I have been scanning for15 years. I had my first rotator cuff tear repair 10 years after I graduated. MFM sonographers must scan all the high risk patients including pregnant women in the morbid obese category. We have about 80 images to get which takes about 45mins. In order to acquire these images we have to make the distance between the probe and the fetus as small as possible in order to be able to see and rule out any physical defects. 45 minutes of pushing and twisting and turning your probe sometimes underneath a pregnant belly can also set you up for a tennis fracture of your wrist. You are out of work for 6 to 8 weeks and your insurance and workers comp fight about who is going to pay for it. I lost because my injury was not a slip trip or fall. Second, the mfm sonographer is not only performing a medical test but unfortunately because of the hype of 3D ultrasound and the fact that most offices are owned by corporations everything is based on patient satisfaction. This is terrible because apparently we went to school for a medical job and we now also have to entertain our patients too. Must get that perfect 3D of the face for our patients to take home (It's not a magic wand). When patients come to see us they bring all their friends and family which doesn't bother me, but I am trying to look your baby over and make sure they are physically ok. This is very hard to do when all these people are in the room talking, babies crying, kids runNing around tearing up your room and pushing the nurse button, like there is an emergency. Now all the family tries to get their phones out to take pictures of the screen which is not allow because it is a HIPPA violation. When you tell them they can't bc it is against policy... well you just lost your satisfaction score. So, in short, or not short this is not a low stress job. I love what I do! I help to make sure fetuses are ok and if not I find the issue to help make sure that the right medical team is in the delivery room to give every baby the best fighting chance for life!  Thank you for your time. P.s I might have some misspelled words bc I am doing this on my phone and the font is a 5! Lol!


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