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 As a sonographer I can tell you first hand that it is a very stressful career. Daily I have patients who are dying but don't know yet, and often times I'm the first to know. I have patients whose baby, one who've they've been trying for years to concieve no longer has a heartbeat, or a massive bleed on their brain that is incompatible with life. I have patients who have clots in the veins in their legs that could break off on my table and potentially kill them right there. I have patients who are drug addicts and frequent fliers on my table who are destroying their heart and lives. I have patients who have beat breast cancer twice and come in for a belly ache but it turns out they have mets on their liver and they won't last long. All of this not to mention the physical strain on our bodies, carpal tunnel, shoulder and back injuries due to the growing epidemic of obesity in this country and the ways we have to contort our bodies the reach our patients. I'm not saying thay this is the most stressful job out there. There are active duty military, police officers, and firefighters who daily risk their lives for us. What I am saying is make sure your facts are straight before you go out and offend an entire profession and tell us that our job isn't stressful. Sonography is a highly misunderstood profession so we are always happily explaining our jobs to people. We live it everyday, if you had bothered to ask any one of us we would have been more than happy to explain what our lives are like on a daily basis. 


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