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Please take the time to research these professions. I am a sonographer. That means I look at all kinds of anatomy, not just babies. I have seen a patient die (DNR), I have scanned someone that has already died and doctors are looking for answers. I have put the transducer down on someone that is making future plans and I know there won't be a future. I've watched someone vomit blood so violently that they've covered themselves in it and it's still pooling on the floor. I have scanned babies with unfortunate outcomes. I work a full shift then pull call. That means I get up in the middle of the night to scan someone through the ED that needs help. I still have to get up the next day to work my full shift. I lift patients, I push a big machine around. I am crucial to helping the radiologist identify pathology. Imagine the amount of schooling required for that. Imagine the responsibility. I hold 4 registries. I chose this job. I love this job. I am not complaining. It is no way the least stressful job around. 


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