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How Much Do We Know About Saving for College?

By Gradvisor

Student-loan debt in the United States totals around $1.3 trillion. For today's professionals who are also parents, the prospect of paying off their own college expenses while saving for their children's future is cumbersome.


529 plans exist to help alleviate some of that weight, but how much do you know about 529s as an employee -- and what can an HR professional do to help educate staff?

Chances are that’s something you don’t know about as much, but candidates are dying for that benefit.

To give you a better understanding of college savings benefits, Gradvisor, a company offering assistance with 529 plan enrollment and monitoring, created the following infographic. Based on their own research, it will provide you with the information you need to know about this new, popular benefit.

Click below to enlarge. Image Credit: Gradvisor

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